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The Secret Art of Hypnotic

"My name is Alice, so please your Majesty," said Alice very politely; but she added to herself, "Why, they're only a pack of
cards, after all. I needn't be afraid of them!"

...The Queen turned crimson with fury, and, after glaring at her for a moment like a wild beast, began screaming, "Off with her
head! Off with--"

"Nonsense!" said Alice, very loudly and decidedly, and the Queen was silent."

-- Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

The information you will find in this book was developed through years of research. You will discover proven powerful techniques by which you can quickly and easily influence and persuade others simply with words. Words are very powerful, as you will soon discover. It has been said that "The pen is mightier than the sword." I truly believe this is so. Words have been used to start wars and stop them. If you stop and think about it for a moment, our whole society is created by words. Without them, we wouldn't know anything about science, religion, politics, or much of anything. Words literally are the basis for our experience of reality. And this is precisely what we will be dealing with throughout this book. Reality is a matter of perception. It depends on who is perceiving what. In order to persuade anybody to do anything, be it to buy something from you, or to go out on a date with you, you must remember that it is imperative for them to perceive what ever it is you are "selling" them has a value. This perceived value is highly relative from individual to individual. For example, I own a 1972 Chevy Nova. I love my car. Some people laugh when they see me drive my old car. Some people stop in amazement. Some ask how much I would sell it for. I wouldn't sell my Nova for any amount because I perceive it to be priceless. Some people think it's junk. Some think it's a collectible. Either way, it's how we view something which determines it's value to people. In order to motivate a person to do something through writing, there are certain criteria you must meet. It is known as the rule of AIDA. Simply put, AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action


In order to move anybody to to something, you must first grab their attention. If you fail to do this, all the rest of your writing will be pointless. How do you do this. Well, you must first realize that people are all basically lazy, greedy and selfish. People want to know what something will to for them. They don't want to have to work for it. Make whatever you are selling easy to obtain, but hard to find. Let them know that you are the only person that can fill this need they will have for your product or service. To cause someone to become interested enough in what you write so they read every word, you must begin by telling the reader that what you have will benefit them in a powerful way. Keep your sentences short and simple. You aren't writing a disertation. You are writing ad copy. Space your sentences out for maximum impact. In ad copy, there are many ***ATTENTION GRABBERS***.
When you use embeded commands in your sales literature, mark them out.
***This offer is only for a limited time so act now!*** Use the word YOU a lot. Use I or Me very little, only when necessary. In the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, it says that a person's name is the most powerful word in languague. If you don't know their names because you are writing copy, then use YOU. People don't generally act on logic. They tend to act on emotion. After they act, they may say that they thought it out, but if you look closely, you will find that emotions ran the show. Every thing we do is based on our state, or emotions at the time. There are certain words that opperate at a sub-conscious level. They have there power at the base of human emotions. Evolution has hard wired us, so to speak, to these KEYWORDS. There are some words which instantly attract the reader's eyes. These are called subconscious keywords because they have a strong emotional impact. When you use these keywords through out your writing, you will get a strong response from the reader because these words produce a strong emotional charge within a person's subconscious because they represent various need based desires, on a very insticntual level. Even if the reader simply scans your letter, the person's unconscious can *SEE* and *RESPOND* to these powerful keywords. Words such as: SEX, LOVE, MONEY, FEAR, HOME, PRIVATE, SECRET, BREAKTHROUGH, POWER, DISCOVER. These words opperate at a very base level in the human brain and activate a very primal form of thinking. In other words, these words mesmerize the attention of the reader. They stop the person form thinking critically because they have to elict strong emotion. Have you ever made a clear decision while in a highly emotional state? I doubt it. This is how certain religious cults opperate. They use many subconscious keywords, and generate strong emotions of fear and guilt. After the crowd is amped up, and worrying about hellfire and brimstone, they pass around the collection plate. These powerful keywords are very spell binding and get a person's attention easily. They really motivate people to take action, whatever it is you want them to do. Using these words in your writing are guaranteed to get you results. At this point, the reader is exactly where we want them.


Now that you have the reader's attention, you must generate interest in your content. This is where a lot of sales letters fizzle out. In order to get people interested in your subject, you must engage the imagination and emotions at the same time. It is very hypnotic to describe the process of how a person becomes interested in a subject. This is using process language. You can describe how you became interested in the subject you are writing, or you can use and anecdote of how someone else was riveted to your subject. Simply writing about this process causes the reader to become interested, because in order for him to understand what you are describing, he must, to some extent undergo the same process which you are describing. This is known as elicitation. If your reader doesn't become interested in your writing, early on, then they will move on, and you won't make the sale. Have you ever noticed how children can sit totally spellbound as they watch a cartoon program on television. The cartoon instantly grabs the kid's attention, and generates interest easily, enough so they stop doing anything else. They sometimes become catatonic. this is why mothers warn their children that T.V. will turn their brains into mush. It really doesn't, but it appears so, because the kids go into a hypnotic state. Companies know this, and use it to their advantage. The cartoon puts the child into a trance. Then a commercial pops up on the screen, and goes into the mind of the child. When the child goes to the store, and sees the product that was advertised, they want it now. Hence the many tirades witnessed at the checkout isles of department stores all over America. Not unlike adults. Say a product is advertised during half time of the Super Bowl. All football fans watching will be excited. Say a commercial comes on for fishing poles. When they go to the store, and see the fishing pole, they are instantly put back into the excited state they were in while watching the big game. They have associated the exciting feelings to the fishing pole and think, "I gotta get that! Fishing is exciting!" They were hypnotized and didn't even know it.


The way to create desire in a person is to talk about something which they can relate to and which they value. What is it exactly that gives something a percieved value. Well, to be precise it is anything that a person is attached to. In other words, something with an emotional charge. The more a person values something, or someone, the more emotional energy they have invested into it. This is a fundamental key to understanding the principles laid out in this book. Let's take my Nova again, for instance. I have a strong emotional attachment to it. When people laugh or make fun of my Nova, I get upset. If someone were to scratch it, we would be fighting it out. Now of course, most people put a higher value on new cars. I don't. I am scared to death to drive around in something that I could fit into the trunk of my Nova. I don't want a car made out of plastic. I feel safe in my Hard Cold Blue Steel '72 Nova, and that is where the value is. My emotions are that my car makes me feel safe. There are an infinate number of emotions, however there are some that we all share in common, and are rather typical. Since all humans are generally hard wired the same way, and have the same type of brain, there are clues that point to which emotions are  "hot buttons" which we can use as leverage to influence and persuade anybody. Safety is one of these basic drives, which stems from the desire to survive. If a person can be made to believe a plastic car is safe as long as it has an air bag, then they are satisified. I'm not, but that's another story. In any case the word safety has a different meaning to different people. So does every word. When you learn to direct a person's emotions, you have an incredible power over them, and that is where the magic of hypnotic writing is.


The final step in the AIDA method is Action. After you have gotten their initial attention, made them interested, and hopefully caused them to drool with desire, you have to get them to take action. Whatever action you want them to take. In advertising, you have to tell them to *ACT NOW* Make your product seem scarce, which increases it's perceived value. "This offer won't last long!" "Get Yours Today". *LIMITED TIME OFFER* All these techniques create a sense of urgency in the mind of the reader and propels them to take action. You want them to act immediately, if possible, or as soon as they can. If you are selling yourself so to speak to a prospective employer, get them to take action by telling them how great you would be to for them and the company. Tell them about another great job offer you have been considering, and they have to act immediately, or you will have to accept the other job. You are increasing your own value in the mind of the prospective employer. Play "hard to get". What motivates a person to take action on a subconscious level is the Pleasure Principle. People move either towards pleasure or away from pain. That is the basic understanding. Certain people who tend to be more motivated to do something to increase pleasure are called "Moving Towards" people. Those who spend most of their time trying to avoid pain are called "Moving Away" people. You can tell the type of person you are dealing with by noticing how the speak. I don't like this. I don't want that. These are things a moving away person would say. I desire, I want, I would like. These are people who have a moving towards strategy. Think about how you make decisions. What motivates you more, towards or away. Notice it in other people. Use their own strategy to have great influence. Match their system and you will influence them greatly!

What ever you focus your thoughts on will tend to create itself in reality!


Let me for a minute stop and tell you about a vacation I took recently. I took a
wonderful trip to a tropical paradise. I can remember how beautiful it was there as I
become aware of the feeling of the warm breeze blowing gently across my body,
and feeling the warmth of the sun penetrating my skin which caused me to feel very
relaxed. I could hear the sound of the ocean gently flowing in and out as I watched
the seagulls gracefully sailing on the wind. There were people sailing on boats
which I can remember seeing off in the distance. I can even remember how good it
felt to have my feet in the warm sand. I can picture the mist dancing off the gentle
waves now, and can even now remember the wonderful smell of the salty sea air, all
of these things can cause me to feel very relaxed and comfortable as I think about

Now as you were reading that story about my vacation, I know you had many
images come to your mind. Yet how much solid information did I give you. None. I
didnt tell you where I went, nor when. I gave no specifics. I basically vividly
described my subjective experience. And as I did, you created in your mind your
own subjective experience based totally on my words. Hummm. Did you begin to
feel like you were taking a bit of a vacation as you were reading about my trip? Did
you notice any embedded commands. There were many. Try and find as many as
you can. Ill mention a couple. Hear the sound of the ocean , remember how good it
felt ,imagine the feeling of the warm breeze,picture the mist dancing off the gentle
waves now.

With our thoughts we create the world-The Buddha

How to Seduce the Mind of your Audience

The process of hypnosis is a matter of getting a person's conscious mind out of the way, for a moment. Long enough to implant suggestions directly into their sub-conscious mind. This is done through a hypnosis script in the hypnotists office. However, in writing, the process is a bit different. All forms of hypnosis engage the imagination. Using the imagination causes a person to enter an altered state. When a person is in this state, they are very open to suggestions. A rule of thumb for all forms of hypnotic persuasion is that whatever you can get a person to imagine, they think that it is their own thought, and therefore will act on your suggestions as if they are their own ideas. This is a very important concept to understand. In order for you to successfully market your product, or yourself for that matter, you must be able to "seduce" the minds of your readers. If you are creating a letter to market widgets for example, and decide to list the benefits of the widgets, you may get a sense of mild curiosity out of the reader. But, will you make the sale. It's very similar in the game of seducing the opposite sex. If you write someone whom you are interested in romantically, and you list your benefits, such as; You should go out with me because I have a fancy car, or thus and such degree from this university, or I have a good job, you won't make the sale in their mind. We are constantly bombarded with this kind of  benefit stuff. People usually tune it out. For example, say you are watching TV and a commercial comes on telling you about this widget and lists all the benefits. You probably will not pay it any attention at all because all the commercials are doing the same thing. They are jockeying for a position in your mind, but missing the boat. You probably at this point go to the fridge for a snack until your show comes back on. Now let me give you an example of how to really seduce the mind of your audience. I remember a car commercial I saw on TV recently. There were no benefits listed or discussed. Actually there was no dialog at all. They barely even showed what the car looked like, but I wanted that car anyway. They showed the car being driven up a long winding road in a beautiful part of the country, with lovely trees, and speeding easily along. They showed the drivers hand putting a CD into the stereo system and the music came on. Beautiful music. The whole scenario made me feel as if I were the one driving the car on that lovely road and putting the CD with the terrific music into the stereo.  I doubt if this road exists anywhere in North America, because there was not as much as another single car on the road. No traffic jams. No Smog. Just beautiful country as far as the eye could see. And all of this was done in about 15 seconds. The commercial literally hypnotized me and caused me to forget about the reality of the pain in the ass driving is these days. I felt for that moment that this particular car would give me a "freedom" so to speak. It create a strong emotional state in myself. This is very important. The same process the car commercial used to seduce viewers into a fantasy world is the same process you will be applying to your writing. You will literally create reality for your readers, and create in such a way that they can not resist your letter. It is important to "become the reader" so to speak. Don't worry about how you feel or think about whatever you are selling. Put yourself into their mind. Imagine you are looking at the letter which you are writing, from their perspective. Most people will look at something and say "so what". Unless you can show them what is in it for them. This is called the WIIFM rule, which stands for What's In It For Me? Your product can do everything from curing colds, molds, and smelly ***holes, but if the reader doesn't perceive a benefit, if it can't answer the question What is in it for Me, then all your efforts will be for naught.

"Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas."
-- Joseph Stalin

Maps of The World

People operate in this world based on their belief systems. Some individuals believe in God. Some in Allah. People will fight to the death if they are convinced powerfully that their belief system is correct. Many people through out written history have died in the name of religion, one of the most powerful and influential types of belief systems. Every activity humans undertake is based upon their belief system. We as humans operate in this world through our five senses, be they touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. The three main representation systems used by us are known as Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic. Through these senses, we gather information about the world around us. Since we are constantly bombarded with all sorts of information, we use filters, so to speak, to limit information we deem as unnecessary or unimportant to our survival. You may not be aware of the temperature around you at this moment. However if the temperature suddenly dropped to below freezing, you would notice and go some place warmer so you don't freeze to death. But generally you don't pay much attention to temperature. This goes for many things in our environments. As we gather information from the world about us, we tend to distort this information to fit into our belief systems. If for example a religious person were to see a spectacular event, they may say "See what God did!" An atheist may reply to the same event, "What an amazing occurrence". Either way, this illustrates how people utilize their belief systems to make sense out of the world. Every individual processes information differently, according to their own unique upbringing and experiences. Each person has a "map" of what they perceive reality to be. These maps of the world are comprised of all of one's beliefs. Beliefs are beliefs. They are neither right nor wrong. They just are. People are always convinced that their individual map of the world is the correct one. Hitler believed that his "Map" was the only right one, and caused millions of deaths and a war to prove it. Many Germans at that time also approved and believed in Hitler's map of the world. This is how belief systems can be manipulated for purposes with terrible consequences. However, as long as you are aware of how and why people do the things they do, and make decisions, you are on your way to total success in any endeavor, because you obtain knowledge that 99% of our fellow humans don't.

More on Beliefs

When a baby elephant is born, it quickly learns to walk. Baby elephants have a tendency to wander off. Therefore, when the baby elephant is very young, one of its' hind legs is tied to a metal pole anchored into the ground. The baby elephant tries and tries to pull its leg away from the rope keeping him from wandering off. The baby elephant tries for many years, however, by the time the elephant is full grown, it has learned that it can't wander off. Therefore a powerful and mighty full grown elephant will never even try to leave its' area because it believes it is tied down. However, by that time, the rope has been completely removed. The only thing keeping this elephant from running away and destroying a lot of things in its' path is his belief that he is tied to that rope.

Well this same form of "brainwashing" occurs in humans too. For example, if you have a belief about yourself that you know is not true such as perhaps you are not attractive to the opposite sex. Or that you were not meant to be rich. Such thoughts are learned. Some ugly men are very successful with beautiful women. Some poor individuals become incredibly wealthy. Why is this so. Because of their belief systems. If a man believes that he is attractive to women, he will be. If a man believes he is destined to become rich, he will become rich. Now this is not a conscious understanding. This is a belief, formed in the subconscious at an early age, just like the belief of the elephant. Any belief of this sort is something like a airplane on autopilot. The subconscious doesn't care if a belief helps you or hurts you. It only acts like a computer guiding an airplane on the pre-programmed course. If your subconscious autopilot is sending your plane on a crash course of disaster with life, then there is hope.

The way to get rid of old programs in your subconscious is to install new programs so that your autopilot sends you on a course towards incredible weath and fantastic relationships. Your false beliefs came about due to false programming by family, friends, and even yourself. Notice your self talk. If you are writing a letter to potential client, don't think "Well mabey they won't like my product......bla,bla,bla." Insted think "YOUR ASS IS MINE". Feel confidence exude from your soul, and accept that nobody can resist your writing. Say it in a way that makes you feel totally confident and resourceful in every way. Let those feelings come out in your writing. Just like with a computer, so is your subconscious, Garbage In Garbage Out. GIGO. Always write with an attitude of authority and confidence. Your reader will pick this up. They will instinctively know your level of confidence in your writing, so always remember to enter this resourceful state before you start.

Now its time to program yourself for total success in every area of your life. First begin by getting a tape recorder. Next, write a list of affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements which you will record in your own voice and replay to yourself. When making your affirmations, it is important to say "You" instead of "I". For example "You are confident and relaxed at all times." "You are amassing more wealth each and every day." If you say "I", then your conscious mind says, "Im not sure if that's true." But if you say "You", then it's coming from an external source, and your conscious mind won't reject the suggestions. These affirmations when recorded for about 20 minutes, and listened to every day, will change your life. You will notice the changes within one month. Usually it takes about 21 days for the subconscious to learn and implement a new program. You will notice yourself feeling much more confident and in control of your life, and opportunities will spring up, seemingly out of nowhere. This is how you create your own reality, and master your own destiny.

Whatever You Can Conceive, You Can Achieve!

Every moment of every day, you are creating your reality. I know this may seem like a bit of a strange statement, but bare with me for a moment and you will clearly understand this concept fully. If you want to be rich, you have to begin thinking like a rich person. You have to start acting like a rich person. You will even have to start dressing like a rich person. Every thing you do with your actions and words, do as a rich person would do. This is called Modeling. The theory behind modeling is if someone else has done something successfully, you can achieve the same results by taking the same steps they did to reach their goal. After a short while of adopting a rich attitude, this new behavior will become an ingrained pattern. You are literally training your subconscious to learn and adopt these qualities. The longer you act like a rich person acts, the more you are reinforcing that image in your subconscious mind. The subconscious can not distinguish reality from fantasy. It simply operates. If you saturate your subconscious with positive messages, or affirmations, you will become a positive person. All behaviors are learned. The only difference between a child born in the ghetto and a child born in the lap of luxury is the beliefs about themselves and their world based on their experience of it. The child born in the ghetto grows up seeing violence, poverty, crime and so on. They see nothing else, therefore they continue to live in that type of world. A child born to a family with a good income, and nice home will see wealth and prosperity. They will view the world in the same way as they grow up, and their reality will be that of wealth. This is how powerful your thoughts and beliefs truly are. You may say to yourself that you aren't a writer. If this is the case, it's probably because you haven't ever written anything before. Once you begin writing, you simply tell yourself that you are a writer, and adopt the lifestyle of a writer, and very soon you will be one. I used to think I wasn't a writer either. I was a locksmith. Fortunately for me, locks became so cumbersome to work on, due to airbags, and electronic entry to cars, that I left that profession to do something I truly love which is writing. If you told me 10 years ago that I would be a writer, I would have laughed hysterically. But that was my belief at the time.
Another rule states that what ever you focus your mental energy on, your dominant thoughts, will tend to manifest itself in reality. Too many people go around thinking there is not enough in this world. This is called a poverty mentality. They say the economy is bad. There aren't enough good jobs. There is no good marriages. There are too many problems in the world. So What. These things are perceptions and not reality. Millionaires are made, even when the economy is at its worst. This type of person will literally create opportunity out of disaster. One banker started making loans to people immediately after the San Francisco fire in the early 1900's. The city was still smoking, and he was out there in the street giving loans to business men so they could rebuild their businesses. He turned disaster into fortune. This man eventually took the profits from those loans and created The Bank of America.

"Language creates spooks that get into our heads and hypnotize us."
-- Robert Anton Wilson, Introduction to The Tree of Lies


 In NLP, Embedded commands are statements, hidden within a normal sounding sentence which the subconscious mind picks up and acts on. The reason this technique is so powerful is that the conscious mind is unaware of the embedded hypnotic commands, and therefore it directly enters the person's subconscious, whereby the person acts on the command as if it were their own idea. I will give you an example of this. Milton Erickson used embedded commands in addition to therapeutic metaphors to have a very powerful effect on hypnotized clients. He would use interesting and ambiguous subject matter, and cleverly disguise the embedded commands within his stories. He told one client "A little baby knows how to relax completely in his mother's arms." The story is about a baby, however the embedded command is relax completely. The person listening to the story doesn't know it, but the embedded command causes them to relax completely. Another example is,"I can remember being a little child and having lots of fun."  Even though he is referring to himself, the embedded command causes the listener to remember being a little child at the same time. Milton was very tricky. This type of statement is known as self referring, as the hypnotist is referring to himself while embedding the command. Another example of a self referring hypnotic command would be, "Im wondering how good it feels to imagine laying on a beach, in the warm sun." Since I am wondering about, you don't resist the embedded command to:
imagine laying on a beach, in the warm sun.
Yet I know you imagined it. This even works if you put Don't in front of the embedded command. Sometimes it works better. "Don't think of a blue monkey right now!"
If you thought of a blue monkey, then you can clearly see how this process language is beginning to take form.

The basis for Hypnotic Writing is a technology called NLP or Neruo-Linguistic Programming. Simply put, NLP is a way of codifying hypnotic language patterns. NLP began as a study of how a famous hypnotist named Milton Ericson was so successful at hypnotizing people, even people who were difficult to hypnotize. They found that he used certain hypnotic phrases in his language which made him very effective. Those phrases which Ericson used were studied and other people began using them to secretly hypnotize people. This is the genius behind NLP. The process is relatively simple. According to NLP, a person can mark out certain key hypnotic words or phrases within any sentence, thereby causing someone to become instantly hypnotized. This is called Embedded Commands. They are commands that the conscious mind isn't aware of, yet the unconscious mind picks up on them, and acts on them. The way you would structure a letter and use embeded commands in it would be for you to determine the state you want your reader to be in. Say you want to create desire in a prospect, there are several ways to do this in writing. For example, you may write something as follows: "It is quite interesting how people can begin to desire this product when they realize the ways it will benefit them." You dont necessarily have to highlight the embeded command in a personal letter, but in ad copy, it definately will have a powerful impact. Let's say I want to create a state of curiousity. I would write: "Can you remember a time when you were totally curious about something?" Or say I want them to respond quickly. I could say: "When you decide to respond quickly, you'll become totally glad you did." Season all your writing with embeded commands for maximum impact.
The process for developing sentences packed with embeded commands is, to put it in a simple to use algarythm is:[Word word word word X word word......]. Where X represents the Emotion or Action  you want the reader to have. Any emotional state at all can be expressed in a word and embeded into a sentence as a command. An example of this would be: "I often feel happy when I am with my frends." "I remember how good it feels to fall in love for the first time." Any verb can be used as a command. "It's important to act quickly when you see a good oportunity.""A person can pay close attention when they are reading.""Some of my clients trust me completely.""I often find myself becomming very interested in what I am reading." There are an infinate number ways in which to use embededs. The previous examples should make it very clear how to use these powerfully.


Let me give you an example of how Milton Ericson cleverly used Embedded Commands. He would say "It can be very handy and uplifting when you start from scratch because your mind knows how to listen to what I say now....". Now upon close observation, we can see that Milton was a sneaky bastard. When he spoke, he would change his voice tone when marking out the embedded commands. The commands are as follows:
The poor unsuspecting client started scratching his nose.
(Does your nose ever start to become itchy, incredibly itchy, as if you want to scratch it now? Almost like the more you try not to scratch your nose, the more itchy it feels until you are totally compelled to do that now?)
Ok, sorry for that, however I wanted to show you how powerful these embedded commands are. Never mind. Don't scratch your nose!
This is known as the Interspersal Technique because the embedded commands are interspersed between several words and phrases. There is also the use of what is known as Phonetic Ambiguity, such as knows=nose,I=eye,write=right=rite,ect. It is totally unconscious communication.  When Milton said this, people lifted their hands and scratched their nose. Ahhhh. Well that's all good and well you say, but what about on paper. Can this be used in print. Absolutely. I will show you how I developed my Technique so that Embedded Commands can be used in any written form with the same effect.

"It is hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head."
-- Sally Kempton


Here are the 7 magic words you can use in writing or talking with anybody for maximum influence and persuasion.
Have you
What if
Using these words will give you an incredible edge over anyone in any situation!
Now I will present a statement using  the 7 magic words and notice how powerful and irrisistable it is. What if you could Easily have what you want Quickly while you Naturally get better and better using these skills. Obviously the techniques you will learn here will Quickly get you what you want Naturally as you discover how Easily you can integrate this information. You can throw these words into any letter or conversation. Use these words and phrases like salt and pepper on your food for more taste and spice. These words are hypnotic and irritable, Naturally!


The basic linguistic formula for this pattern is X causes Y. This pattern is known as
cause and effect wherefore X describes something occurring in the person at the
present moment that you can easily notice and Y being the desired state or outcome
you wish for her to do. For example: Reading the words on this page causes you to
wonder how much more you will learn. Now reading the words on this
page doesnt actually cause you to do anything, but because it sounds logical and
believable, the unconscious mind acts on the suggestion easily. Another example
would be: Breathing slowly causes you to become relaxed. Once again breathing
slowly doesnt necessarily cause anybody to become relaxed, but it sounds like it is
believable, so it happens. Use cause and effect in your writing to bring people to draw the conclusions you want them to.

During the course of modeling successful individuals, NLP discovered that everyone
uses the AVK process. AUDIO-VISUAL-KINESTHETIC. Meaning, people
represent the world around them using one of these main submodalities primarily. If
a person process their world mainly in a VISUAL mode, they tend to have bright
looking eyes, look upward while thinking, and talk using VISUAL processing
words. For example, I SEE what you are saying, That is CLEAR to me. Can you
PICTURE that? An AUDITORY person using their hearing primarily and tends to
look to either side towards their ears when thinking. They may say, That RINGS a
bell, That SOUNDS like a good idea. A KINESTHETIC person generally talks
slower than the AUDITORY or VISUAL person. They tend to look downwards
when thinking. They may say, I get your POINT, That FEELS like the right thing to
do, He is rather ABRASIVE. Listening to and watching people will help you
determine what SUBMODE they are in. All you have to do is match their inner
experience by using THEIR style of processing words. Then you will easily come
into RAPPORT with them. If the person is using VISUAL
processing words, then you would reply using the same type of words in your
communication. NLP states that like attracts like, and this process of RAPPORT is
called LEADING. You are entering their map of the world by matching their
VISUAL submodality.


In hypnosis, presuppositions are the linguistic equivalent to
assumptions, yet they are a bit different. If I were to ask you: How much have you enjoyed reading this manual? There are two presuppositions in this question. One is
that you are reading this manual, and the other is that you have enjoyed it. Im
assuming both things and presupposing that both have occurred.

"The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed."
-- Steve Biko

The 10 Unconscious Commandments.

Here I will list some truths about people that may seem difficult to believe at first. Good, bad, or indifferent, the subconscious of all humans hold these concepts. To deny these facts is to be mentally ill. However after careful consideration and reflection, you will realize that these beliefs exist in everyone, including yourself. Please keep an open mind here, as my intent is not to offend, but to inform. Sometimes the truth is not pleasant, yet when you learn these facts, you will have that much more power and influence over others who are not aware. All of the following would be considered to be conclusions deduced from the Freudian school of psychology.

1. You have homosexual impulses.
2. You hate your parents.
3. You have incestuous desires toward your siblings
4. You desire to be loved and be made love to by your mother (father if female).
5. You have sadistic impulses that cause you to take pleasure in inflicting pain on others.
6. You feel secretly ashamed of masturbating.
7. You would like to kill or mutilate anyone who dares insult or criticize you.
8. You would like to kill, castrate, or otherwise destroy your sexual rivals.
9. You feel secretly inferior to others.
10. All these become unconscious conflicts which we spend a lifetime trying to resolve,
weather consciously, or subconsciously, through dreams and the like.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the basic thoughts deeply ingrained within everybody's subconscious, you can now begin to use this knowledge as a tool in influencing the thoughts and actions of others powerfully!

Subconscious Writing

No matter what you are writing, you can always elicit the assistance of your subconscious mind. The way to do this is easy. Simply write. Don't think, don't stop, don't edit. Allow what ever thought comes to your mind to be put into words. You can always come back later and edit. But first, just "free-associate". Allow the subject you are writing to manifest itself without trying. All the information you need is there, providing you have some level of proficiency in your subject, in your subconscious mind. Of course you can't write about scuba diving if you have no knowledge of it. I am assuming you are knowledgeable in your subject. If not you must do you homework first. To prepare for subconscious writing, first read everything you can get your hands on about the subject you plan on writing about. Read books, search the internet. Once you feel confident you have a good understanding of the material, sit down and let it flow. Don't do anything else but write. Study time is for studying. Writing time is for writing. You'll supprise yourself how easy the material will begin to pour out when you use this method.


Words are symbols. We use words to represent ideas and concepts. A word is not the thing it is describing. You can eat the word "food". When spoken, words have an incredible power which we are just begining to understand. If I were to ask you to imagine a flower, I don't know what type of flower you will think of. More than likely you will imagine a rose first. Most people do. If you didn't don't worry. Now if you think of a rose, you will notice it has a color. Most people think red first. Yes there are other colors of roses, yet red is the most common. Now as the image of that rose in your mind becomes more clear, picture yourself holding the rose. Now bring it to your nose. Smell. Notice the scent. All these things occur immediately when someone says the word "Rose". You may not have realized it before, because it happens so fast. Yet when you mention the word "rose" to someone, they know what it is because they instantly gather all this type of information from their unconscious mind. The information of pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes and smells all come back to the conscious, where the "rose" is re-constructed to match word that was spoken. This is what is reffered to as Neuro-Associations.

The Subconscious Mind & Keywords Explode Your Response Rates!
The Eyes Will Instantly Connect With Words We Have Always Emotionally Responded To
Use strong emotional words in your headlines -

                       Discover -
                       Secret - Private - Sex - Money - Love - Breakthrough -
                       Home - Crime - Baby - Damn! - Power - Revealed - Magic
                       - Fear -

These types of words in a headline instantly attract the attention because they are strongly connected to our emotions. I have tested many of those above with astounding success.

A Person's Unconscious Mind Can *SEE* And *RESPOND* To Their Keywords Passing By Fast On A
Screen Choose keywords *directly related to the interests* of your targeted prospects. Use them in everything you

I see people selling perfume with headlines in classifieds and search engines that do not even have the word perfume in them. I see people selling merchant account services with titles like " Increase your business 300% overnight". Well, if I was looking for a merchant account I would not have clicked on that headline. It tells me nothing. I would have clicked on this one though, " Get Your Own Merchant Account - Easy Techniques Revealed!"

If you are selling merchant accounts then your keywords are "Merchant Account" or "Process Credit Cards".
In my headline test above I added the emotional plug: " -Easy Techniques Revealed!" That made my ad get 10
times the hits my competitor's ads got on the same page!

Many try to be fancy and say things in an artistic way. Artist's have never made money writing sales copy. Don't
make the 'scanner' guess what you are selling - drill it in his head with your headline!

How Fast Do You Scan A List Of Links?

Watch close and you'll see the same thing happening within yourself. Our minds somehow instantly see what we are
most interested in and we'll back up and say ' I thought I saw that ' and proceed to click on that link!

Our inner minds are tuned to instantly spot what we desire most at the time. Using emotional words along
with the keywords for your target prospect will make your headlines and ads pull the maximum response

""The best thing for being sad," replied Merlyn, beginning to puff and blow, "is to learn something. That is the only thing that
never fails. You may grow old and trembling in your anatomies, you may lie awake at night listening to the disorder of your
veins, you may miss your only love, you may see the world about you devastated by evil lunatics, or know your honor trampled
in the sewers of baser minds. There is only one thing for it then -- to learn. Learn why the world wags and what wags it. That is
the only thing which the mind can never exhaust, never alienate, never be tortured by, never fear or distrust, and never dream of
regretting. Learning is the thing for you. Look at what a lot of things there are to learn..."

-- Merlyn, The Once and Future King




Sexism?-Utter Nonsense!

You See, the reason so many Men find they have difficulties in meeting women these days is the fact that they have been "brainwashed". For so many years the media has brow-beaten Men, and have given them what I call a "guilt complex". The media has placed beautiful women on a pedestal, at the expense of the Male's Nature and sense of identity. Sex roles were obfuscated. 

Aren't you absolutely sick of feminist trying to label you a "Sexist" simply because of your Natural, Inherent Sexual Desires towards beautiful women? Men have been conditioned to be "trained robots" be at the beckoning call of any damsel in distress. Men have also been led to believe their own sexual desires are anti-women and sexist.


The way to combat and counter-act this type of media conditioning is to
re-program yourself with new beliefs...To re-discover the beauty within
yourself-As A True Man-Without Apologies! 

Some Men begin a great campaign to help Men, only to Wuss out
and cow tow to the status quo! NotDr. Mojo!

No Help For Men

Have you ever noticed that most bookstores have sections totally devoted to women. Women's health, women's sexuality, women's guide to divorce and getting alimony. I had to ask myself, "Where are the books and tapes to help Men?"  There were none. And I searched for many, many years. 

Lets face it. It isn't Politically Correct to be Male in America!
Comming soon to Your Cunt-ry...If not already there!
That's why I decided to develop this Manual!

You Are An Endangered Species!

The Law of Evolution is to Survive! To Pro-Create! 
To find a suitable mate to bear your offspring. If the feminist have their way,  The Male will become obsolete. They are telling women to become pregnant in sperm banks. They would rather mate with a test tube than a Man!

Even the U.S. Post Office has quite a campain of selling postage stamps to increase awareness of breast cancer, and donates money to finding a cure. What about Prostate Cancer...which is much more prevalent? Any stamps for that? NADA! Nothing!

How many times have you dreamed of finding the right woman, the one who would unconditionally love and respect you, only to discover that she only wanted to be your friend, while wanting to bang the Harley riding, chain smoking, booze hound gardener?

So between the children of complete losers, and test tube fertilization, 
what is the future of the human race? 

Are you tired of the double-speak. Are you tired of seeing women viewing you as only a "friend" or a "meal ticket"? Do you want to be able to flip the tables on women and regain your proper place in the 
Universe-to accept your birthright-Your Supreme Glorious Position As A Man!!! 


Within this Manual You will find New Concepts in the Evolution of Hypnosis and Human Consciousness. 

We are moving forward towards New Possibilities and a Boundless Future through technology. The basis of the Hypnotic Seduction System shows how to develop Your Own Inner Self Confidence. 
It is a lack thereof which causes Men difficulties in attracting women. 
It also increases your natural intellectual abilities. However once you learn the secrets, these amazing techniques can be applied in any area of your life!!!



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Book are responsible for misuse of information contained within.
Sold for informational purposes only. 

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