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  It is not hard to read minds. In fact you have already done it many
  times in the past. Think back and recall the occasions when you and
  someone close to you both said the same thing at the same time.
  This happens frequently with couples who have been married for
  many years - they may not call it extra-sensory perception - but
  each partner intuitively knows what the other is about to say. In
  other words, they are reading each other's minds!

  So, you have read minds before. Maybe not at will, and certainly
  not with everyone, but you already have the basic knowledge to
  work on, to develop and hone these particular skills.

  Let's try an experiment. Sit down in a comfortable chair in a warm
  room, at a time when you know you will not be disturbed. It might
  pay to temporarily disconnect the phone as well. Make yourself as
  comfortable as you can, close your eyes and concentrate on relaxing
  every muscle in your body. I find it helpful to start at the top of my
  head, then gradually work my way down through the neck and
  shoulder muscles, down each arm to the tip of each finger. As your
  muscles relax you will feel a pleasant tingling feeling coming over
  your whole body. Once your arm and hand muscles are completely
  relaxed, gradually work your way down your body to the tips of
  each toe.

  Now, in this pleasant, calm, relaxed state you are at your most
  receptive to picking up and transmitting thoughts. Of course, in this
  experiment you are alone, so we will not be mind reading just yet.
  Let your mind float freely and gently where it will, gradually going
  back over important events in your life. Tell yourself that nothing
  will disturb or bother you in any way. You will look at past events
  dispassionately, as if you are an outside, uninvolved spectator. As
  you drift back in this way your mind will focus on different events
  and different people who have had an influence on you in the past.
  As each person comes into your mind's eye, ask yourself if you
  have ever read that person's mind. If you are sure that you have not,
  let the memory and the person go, and drift on until you find
  someone whose mind you may have read.

  It may not be an important occurrence. I spent many hours of my
  school days concentrating on someone in my class, willing them to
  turn around and look at me. It used to surprise me at first that
  invariably they would turn around and look at me with a puzzled
  expression on their face, but
  in time I got so good at it that I could make it work with every person in my
  class. So, for the purposes of this experiment, every person in that classroom
  long ago would be classed as someone whose mind I had read. Hopefully, you
  won't have to go right back to your school days to find a suitable person. In
  fact, usually, it will be someone in your immediate family - a parent, a brother
  or sister, a husband or wife.

  It might take a while to find the right person in this experiment, but that
  doesn't matter as you are also getting used to what is called the intuitive state,
  and this will be useful later on. Once you have found someone whose mind you
  have read gently think about that person. Try to understand why it was that
  person's mind you read, rather than someone else entirely. Think about the
  actual experience of mind reading, and try to recreate how you felt at the
  time. This will help you recapture the intuitive state at will in the future.

  If you are fortunate you may be able to find several people in your past whose
  minds you have read. Recreate each and every experience in your own mind,
  then visualise yourself sending a telepathic message to that person today. It
  does not matter if you haven't seen the person in years - mind reading has no
  limits as far as time and space are concerned. I know people who regularly
  communicate with people who died years ago, so there are no limits

  Once you have done this experiment, stay in your calm peaceful state and
  count mentally from one to ten. Synchronise these counts with your breathing
  and tell yourself that each breath you take will send you deeper and deeper
  into a nice, restful, relaxed state. Pause after you reach number ten and
  savour the complete relaxation you feel. We live in a very tense world
  nowadays and many people never achieve complete relaxation, even when
  they are asleep, so you are experiencing something very precious and
  extremely beneficial to your whole being. In this state you are extremely
  suggestible, so say to your  subconscious something like this:

  "I can read minds. I am going to work at reading minds, and every attempt
  will bring me closer to ultimate mastery of mind reading. I will not stop until I
  can read minds at will whenever I choose. I can read minds."

  Repeat statements such as this several times over, then slowly
  return to
  full conscious awareness by counting from one up to five, again
  synchronising this with your breathing. As you do so, give yourself
  suggestions along the lines of opening your eyes, feeling alert and
  relaxed, just as if you had enjoyed a good night's sleep. After you
  reach number five, open your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  Stand up and stretch, then sit down again and think about what you
  have just experienced.

  Your first impression will probably be how relaxed and happy you
  feel.  This is a good exercise for reducing worry and stress as well,
  so it is worth learning for that reason alone, although here we are
  utilising it for a more serious purpose. Think about the mind
  reading experiences you recalled, then, without closing your eyes
  or going through the relaxation exercise again see if you can
  recapture how you felt at the exact moment you were reading the
  other person's mind. If you cannot do this, do not worry. Try the
  entire exercise again tomorrow and see if you can do it then. If not,
  just keep on working at it until it does come.

  Once you can recall the feeling at will you are ready to start on the
  next phase.

  If you are fortunate, the person whose mind you read is still in
  close contact with you, and you can start doing more advanced
  experiments with this person. If you are not in touch with the
  people you were thinking about you will have to try and find
  someone who is agreeable to experimenting with you. Before we
  go on to this, though, there are a number of experiments you can
  do with complete strangers.

  For instance, you can repeat the experiment I used to do in my
  school days. While sitting in a bus, or having lunch in a cafeteria -
  or literally doing anything where other people are - concentrate on
  one person, willing them to turn and look at you. It is best if the
  person is facing away from you, as then you will know the
  experiment has worked when the person turns around to look at
  you. It may take a few minutes to notice any discernible response
  in the other person, but then they will start feeling a little
  self-conscious and may start looking from side to side. They are
  likely to straighten their hair or rub their nose or chin. Once you see
  responses such as this you will know you are on the way to
  success. If you keep on concentrating they will ultimately turn right
  around and look at you. The first time you try this it may take several
  minutes, but the time will  reduce with practice. At this stage, you are not
  mind reading, but you are influencing the other  person's mind, so this is a
  valuable step on the way to becoming a real mind reader.

  Here is another experiment which is worth mastering. Sit comfortably in a
  quiet, peaceful room and relax completely, just as we did in the first
  experiment. Once you are fully relaxed, concentrate on someone you know
  well, willing them to contact you. Keep the other person's presence firmly in
  your mind and send out a steady message that you want them to contact you.
  It may go something like this:

  "Sally, would you phone me now. I want to talk with you. Please phone Sally,
  as I need to talk with you. Sally, I am communicating with you. Please
  contact me as soon as you can. You know my number, Sally.  I am waiting
  for you to call. Sally, would you phone me now."

  When the phone rings, you'll get quite a shock. Pick it up and say, "Hello,
  Sally (or whoever it is you have been trying to contact)".
  You'll have an extremely puzzled person on the other end explaining that
  they had a sudden urge to phone you. You may decide to tell them of your
  experiment or you may not. However, you will have a strong feeling of
  elation as you will have proof that you can use your mind to contact another
  person's mind and instruct them to contact you. Once you have done this
  successfully with a few different people, you are well on the way to success!

  Before we start on more advanced experiments, it might be a good idea to
  give some background to what we are doing. Mind reading is one part of
  extra-sensory perception. ESP, as it is known for short, is divided up into four
  categories: telepathy (the ability to pick up and send thoughts - mind
  reading), clairvoyance (the ability to pick up information that is not known to
  anyone else), precognition or premonition (the ability to see into the future)
  and psychokinesis (the ability to influence a physical object or event using
  just the mind).  A simpler way of putting it would be to say that telepathy is
  mindreading, clairvoyance second sight, and precognition divination.
  Psychokinesis (PK for short) is a little harder to explain, but gamblers try and
  influence the result when tossing dice. When they succeed, it is an example of
  PK in action.

  In this book we are dealing purely with telepathy, and it is wonderful to know
  that at long last all of these psychic subjects are being taken
  seriously and are being studied in universities and colleges in many countries.
  The ability to read minds is a perfectly natural and normal skill; it is in no way
  supernatural or part of the occult.

  There is a large literature on the subject nowadays, and there are many
  documented cases of mind reading in action. For instance, more than half a
  century ago the famous American novelist, Upton Sinclair, published a book
  called Mental Radio which described telepathic experiments between his wife
  and himself. This book is still available and is well worth reading as you carry
  on developing your own abilities. Upton Sinclair was initially annoyed by his
  wife's ability to read minds, but fortunately became interested enough to test
  his wife further and then to write down his findings. His wife, Mary, was also
  extremely gifted at clairvoyance, a facility you will also develop as it works
  very much along with telepathy.

  Another well documented example concerns a Mrs Frances Wall who was
  lying down reading a book in the late afternoon, while her husband took a
  walk in a nearby park. She was gradually beginning to doze when she heard
  her husband suddenly call: "Frances, come to the park. I am drowning!" At
  first Mrs Wall thought her husband had returned home as the voice was so
  distinct. "Please, Frances, please hurry!" she heard. Suddenly aware that
  something terrible was happening to her husband, Mrs Wall ran to the park.
  As she neared the lake she saw a large crowd gathering and knew instantly
  that her husband had drowned.

  Different psychic groups keep records of as many of this type of occurence as
  they can, so we are fortunate in having documented evidence going back
  more than one hundred years. Perhaps the most prestigious of these groups is
  the Society for Psychical Research in London, which was established in 1882.
  The American Society for Psychical Research began in 1889.

  Both of these organisations are still in existence and between them have built
  up an enormous collection of evidence for the existence of telepathy, as well
  as other areas of psychic research. In fact, one of the Society for Psychical
  Research's first tasks was to undergo an investigation into
  thought-transference. There are now hundreds, if not thousands, of psychic
  groups around the world, and you may find it
  worth your while to join a local group to carry on your own investigations.

  One of the early findings of researchers into telepathy was that for many
  people the first real experience they have of ESP occurs in a particularly
  dramatic or horrible way, possibly involving an accident or death. The
  example I mentioned earlier of Mrs Wall and her drowning husband is a good
  example of this. For some reason, events that are dramatic transmit
  extremely powerful emotions and even people who have never had a psychic
  experience in their lives before can pick up these thoughts. However, we will
  demonstrate later on that situations do not have to be painful for you to read
  minds. In fact, the more peaceful you are inside yourself the better.

  There are many well documented area involving twins. There are even cases
  on record of twins being separated at birth and not meeting each other until
  thirty or forty years later, yet they have gone into similar types of career,
  married on the same day to people with the same name, and are driving the
  same model car when they first meet! Parapsychologists (the name given to
  scientists who investigate psychic phenomena) have known for a long time
  that twins, especially identical twins, have an exceptionally high ability at
  mind to mind communication.

  One famous experiment was organised by Dr J. B. Rhine (the famous
  scientist from Duke University who first made Parapsychology respectable
  way back in the early 1930's). He arranged for two twin girls, Terry and
  Sherry Young, to be tested by a psychologist at Mississippi State University.
  These twin girls appeared to be in constant contact with the other, even when
  miles apart. If one got toothache or a cold, the other one was instantly aware
  of it. The girls were able to mentally transmit whole sentences to each other,
  which made it impossible for their teachers at school to accurately test them.
  Even putting them in different classrooms did not work. They still used the
  same phrases and received the same marks. They did not cheat, but seemed
  to have minds that worked as one.

  Experiments with twins are providing researchers with some of their most
  conclusive evidence for ESP, but you do not have to be a twin to be able to
  do what Terry and Sherry can. They may have a definite
  advantage in being twins, but the fact that you are interested enough to have
  bought this book shows that you have the ability to develop to the stage of
  reading minds.

  The most important single factor in mind reading is confidence. If you believe
  you can read minds and work hard towards that objective, keeping a positive
  and confident outlook, you will succeed. Believe that
  you can do it, and you will be successful. People who are easily discouraged
  never succeed in anything they attempt. Nothing worthwhile is easy. True,
  some people are able to naturally read minds from the time they are born, but
  most of us have to practice and study to develop and perfect our skills. Work
  hard, read as much as you can on the subject, remain confident and positive,
  and success will come.

  Enough of the preaching. If you have mastered the earlier tests let's move on
  to some real mind reading.

  For these you will need someone else to help you, someone who is patient and
  willing to help you. The better you know this person the better - a husband,
  wife, or other close relative would be ideal, providing they are prepared to
  help you.

  Go back to your quiet room and make sure you will not be disturbed. Have
  the room warm enough to be comfortable, but not so warm that you will get
  sleepy. Sit down in a comfortable chair several feet away from your friend
  and have them thoroughly shuffle a deck of playing cards. Close your eyes
  and return to the relaxed state you achieved in the very first test. When you
  are completely relaxed nod your head or say "now", and your friend will cut
  the pack somewhere and look at the card he cut to. Without saying a word he
  is to concentrate on whether the card is a red or black one.

  Try not to think about the color. Remain as relaxed as you can and say the
  first color that comes into your mind. This is because conscious evaluation can
  totally destroy your extra-sensory ability. Your first impulse will always be the
  best one. It may happen immediately, or it could take a minute or two. Don't
  hurry. Remain calm, peaceful and as relaxed as possible.

  Once you have named a color, have your friend cut the pack again and look
  at the color of the card he cut to. Have him do this five times in a row, before
  stopping to see how successful you have been. The reason for this is that if you
  failed two or three times in a row you could become discouraged. You may be
  fortunate and find you succeeded five times in a row, though it is more likely
  that you had two or three hits (after all the chance result is two or three as the
  odds are one in two each time).

  Don't be disheartened if you fail to get more than the chance score in your
  first attempts at this experiment. Try it a few more times, and if
  your results do not improve, forget it until next time. If it is possible, try this
  experiment with different people, as it is likely that you will get better results
  with some people than with others.  Interestingly enough, if the person
  "sending" to you believes in ESP, he is likely to make a much better sender
  than someone who does not believe.

  Try this experiment in reverse as well, with you doing the sending and the
  other person trying to identify the colors. This is only fair, of course, and you
  may find that you are better at sending than you are at receiving. Do not
  worry if you are naturally much better at one rather than the other, as your
  results will improve with practice. Remember, never try to force the results as
  this will have a negative effect on you. Remain calm, relaxed and confident in
  your abilities and the results will come, probably not as quickly as you would
  like, of course, but come they will.

  Once you have become expert at this test, maybe not getting full marks each
  time, but consistently getting above the chance level, you are ready to move
  on. This time, instead of working out the color of the card, try and work out
  the suit (Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs).  This changes the odds from
  one in two, to one in four. Consequently, it may take you a lot longer to
  master than the initial exercise.  Persevere until you are consistently getting
  above the chance score.

  Do not try and do too many in one sitting. Parapsychologists have discovered
  that people's ESP abilities decrease if they try and repeat the same test time
  and time again on any one occasion. This proved to be one of the difficulties
  Dr Rhine and his team had when they first started testing with special cards
  they had devised for measuring extra-sensory perception. The only remedy is
  to try these tests when you are feeling fresh and relaxed, and not to repeat
  them hundreds of times in the same
  evening. (Incidentally, the cards devised by Dr. Rhine are still available and
  are marketed as "ESP Cards". They consist of five symbols [Star, Wavy
  Lines, Plus Sign, Circle and Square] each repeated five times, making a pack
  of twenty five cards. You may find it worthwhile obtaining a pack in time, but
  you can do the same experiments just as easily with a deck of ordinary playing

  Once you have succeeded at guessing the suits you can take the experiment a
  step further. Firstly have your sender send the suit.  If you guess it correctly he
  says "Yes" and then thinks about the number of the card. You may find it
  easier to eliminate the Court cards for this, at least until you are reasonably
  proficient. You work out the number in exactly
  the same way you worked out the suit. Just sit quietly and wait for it to come.
  Some people I know find it works better for them if they count slowly from
  one to ten in their heads as they feel an impulse when they are on the right
  number. Try it both ways and see which works better for you.

  Once you have mastered all of these experiments with playing cards you will
  be becoming highly skilled at mind reading. Here are some other tests to try
  along with the playing cards.

  Have your friend go into an empty room and mentally choose an object in the
  room - a piece of furniture, an ornament, a rug, or perhaps a light bulb.
  Literally anything in the room will do. Once he has decided on an object he
  sits down in the room and calls you in. He is to give you no indication of what
  the object is but has to say to himself mentally,
  when you are getting hot or cold. Take your time on this experiment. Move
  around the room until you feel you are in the right area, then tentatively move
  a step or two in each direction until you sense that you are correct. Reach out
  towards items that are near you, not actually touching any of them till you
  feel something pulling you towards some specific item. When you feel this pull,
  reach out and touch it. If it feels right stop immediately, as you will be correct.
  Remember always to go with your first impressions.

  This is the best way of doing the experiment, as it is an extremely good
  example of mind reading in action. However, you may prefer to try it out in a
  simpler form first. You can do this by lightly holding on to the other person's
  wrist and have them think of the direction you should take -

  straight ahead, right, left, or diagonally. Move in the direction you feel is
  correct until you finally arrive at the object.  It is important that you lead and
  the other person does not deliberately try to help or to hinder you. This is
  called contact mind reading as you are touching the other person as you
  work. This is not as good as non-contact mind reading, but still makes a very
  impressive demonstration of your abilities. Once you can do it easily by
  contact mind reading, try and do it without touching the other person. You
  will find this a great deal harder, but the ultimate results make the effort well
  worth while.

  Another way of doing this experiment is to do it with several people.  They
  decide on an object in the room between themselves before inviting you in. As
  they all know the identity of the object you are looking for, you should find
  this version much easier than the pure version described
  first. With all of these variations it is important that no one provides you with
  clues, intentionally or unintentionally. So ask them not to stare at the object
  or to keep glancing at it. They are not helping you to develop your abilities if
  they try to assist you in this way.

  Colors are good for testing purposes as we have been exposed to colors all our
  lives. Make sure that neither party in this experiment is color-blind before you
  begin. Make several cards and paint colors on them. At a pinch, you could
  simply write the names of different colors on the cards, but the sender would
  still have to try and transmit his
  visualization of the color rather than the word. Mix the cards up and have the
  sender transmit the different colors to you one at a time.  This experiment
  works best if the sender takes a card at random from the stack, transmits it,
  then replaces the card in the stack and gives it a quick mix before
  transmitting another color. This means that the color red, for example, may
  turn up three times in six transmissions.

  Here is a test you may have seen on television. It is a good challenge for your
  developing abilities. Have the sender draw a simple picture in another room.
  A simple scene or a stick figure would be ideal.  Once he has drawn it he is to
  look at it steadily and try and transmit the design to you in another room. At
  first you will probably pick up only the most general impression of the picture,
  but with practice, you will be able to get closer and closer to the original.
  Funny things can occur with this test. The sender may transmit a picture of -
  say - a boy kicking a ball. You may pick up a feeling of someone gazing into a
  crystal ball. The basic idea is there - one person and a ball, but somehow it has

  slightly misinterpreted along the way. Do not be discouraged by these
  apparent failures. In fact, they are significant successes, and show that your
  skills are developing. If this sort of situation persists, you may have to go
  back to the conscious relaxation exercises, as your logical mind may be
  interfering with the psychic process.

  Here is another test with playing cards. Have a dozen cards chosen at
  random and placed on the table. The sender mentally chooses one and
  transmits its value and suit to you. You hold one hand over each card in turn
  until you feel you are over the selected card. As soon as you feel that impulse
  let your hand drop to cover the card. This experiment is easier than many of
  the others you have attempted so far. The strange thing is that it often works
  even when you have no idea what the chosen card is. Incidentally, this shows
  how sensitive telepathy is possible to determine the chosen card without
  realising that you have done so!

  Now that you have reached this stage you can consider yourself a competent
  mind reader. You will be confident in your abilities and will be anxious to
  develop even further. This is the stage where you take your skills out into the
  real world. Anywhere you happen to be you can practise mind reading. Say
  you are in a restaurant and someone a few tables away catches your
  attention. Get into the relaxed state and see if you can pick up what that
  person is thinking. If you would like to meet the person send thoughts across
  to them. Very quickly eye contact will be made and you will have to do the
  rest by moving across and introducing yourself (unless, of course, the other
  person is capable of mind reading also!).

  Try your skills at work as well as in social situations. The more you practice
  the better you will become. Don't become distressed with occasional failures.
  We all have these at times. If you are overtired, tense or preoccupied with
  some problem you will find it hard to read minds. In these situations thnk
  about your successes and take the first experiment in relaxation again. Once
  you are calm and relaxed again you will have no problems in reading minds.

  May I wish you every success in the world in developing your mind reading

steve lesley